Commercial greenhouses for market gardeners and horticulturists

Welcome to Harnois, a Commercial greenhouse manufacturer based in Canada.

Designed with a team of engineers and agronomists, we have developed crop-driven greenhouse solutions. Our greenhouse structures maximize free light, create the optimal growing environment, mitigate extreme weather effects, protect crops from pests and diseases, and provide peace of mind for growers. Experience enhanced productivity and profitability with our innovative designs.

Minimalist Structure

Our greenhouse models feature oval tubes that provide the strongest structural integrity. This design allows for wider spacing between arches, resulting in increased light penetration.

Higher Air Volume

Our greenhouse models have a wider base and higher peak, providing a larger air volume. This leads to more stable temperatures, ultimately resulting in higher yields.


Our greenhouse models offer growers peace of mind with an innovative design that ensures higher yields and better crop quality. Combined with energy savings, this leads to increased profitability.

Over 55 years of crafting turnkey greenhouses projects

Our industrial greenhouses are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of commercial farmers, floriculture, and nurseries. Constructed by a greenhouse manufacturer located in the most northern part of North America, they are designed to endure high wind loads and snow loads. Whether you aim to enhance your commercial farming operation, cultivate crops year-round, or extend your growing space, our greenhouses offer robust solutions tailored to your needs.


Freestanding Greenhouse


Gutter Connected Greenhouse


Tunnel Greenhouse


Venlo Glass Greenhouse

An integrated service

Discover a full one-stop solution with our comprehensive range of commercial greenhouses. These greenhouses are designed to extend the growing season and maximize crop yield. Our team of specialists will manage your project from start to finish, providing a turnkey service that limits the number of workers on your site while ensuring your peace of mind. With our industry-leading after-sales service, you receive personalized support during and after construction, helping you capitalize on the extended growing season for optimum productivity.


We deliver greenhouses that are adapted to low-, mid- and high-tech . Find the one to meet your needs.


Our full range of equipment allows you to adapt your greenhouse to the type of crops produced.