Institutional Greenhouses

Our institutional greenhouses are a highly competitive response to the demands of your field. Our experts offer innovative, affordable solutions that will make your project stand out locally and internationally.

Harnois Greenhouses has been creating school and institutional greenhouses for decades. During this time, they have helped universities, schools, and research institutions create educational greenhouses customized to their exact curriculum, campus, and research needs. A Harnois school greenhouse creates a learning environment with plenty of space for hands-on growing lessons. With open floor plans, students can view demonstrations from any point in the greenhouse. When used for research, these greenhouses provide a versatile growing space with a completely controlled environment, ensuring that experiments and research can be carried out with precision and accuracy year-round.

Research facilities, universities, and K-12 educators alike have had incredible success growing plants inside Harnois institutional greenhouses over the years. Plants produced in a Harnois greenhouse benefit from numerous features that support improved growth and development. Valuable light transmission and spacious interiors help plants reach their full potential, and teachers and students are sure to have the best greenhouse classroom possible to learn, conduct research, or perform demonstrations. Additionally, these institutions can gain access to fresh crops year-round that would otherwise be impossible to grow in traditional school gardens.

Harnois offers an extensive line of greenhouse designs, ranging from smaller free-standing structures and greenhouse kits to gutter-connected designs and even net-zero glass greenhouse ensuring there’s a solution for any institution.

Designs tailored to campus and curriculum

Fully customizable designs

Controlled environments to meet research standards

In-house design, financing and installation

Incorporating the latest developments in greenhouse technology;

Tailor-made design of a greenhouse complex that respects precise constraints and criteria.

Improved ventilation and temperature control

Durable, long lasting construction that makes it easier to satisfy a building permit

Structures manufactured in Canada

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Potential applications

  • Research projects
  • University program specializing in greenhouse production

Our clients

  • Université de Guelph en Ontario
  • Et bien d’autres…