Engineered & designed for your project’s location.

Designed for your specific use and location, each MegaDome® is engineered to achieve the highest standard of safety and performance; compliant with the National (NBCC) and local Building Codes, and are CAN/CSA A660 certified.

Our MegaDome Buildings

Over 5000 fabric building projects

One-stop solution to store and protect

Discover how our coverall fabric buildings are used in your sector. Our expansive fabric building structures serve as versatile solutions for storage,  animal shelter across a wide range of sectors including agriculture, industry, residential, retail, and commercial. These structures are perfectly suited for both permanent and temporary setups, offering maximum ease, comfort, and functionality. Regardless of the industry, our fabric-covered facilities are the perfect choice for all your indoor space extension requirements

From Design to Repairs

We provide a complete 360° service, from design to final repairs, ensuring quality and sustainability at every step. Our team offers personalized design, state-of-the-art production, and flexible customization, alongside dedicated support and eco-conscious practices. We’re not just making fabric buildings; we’re crafting lasting partnerships and sustainable solutions to meet your every need.


Discover the buildings’ components and how we test them.


The options allow you to customize your building to meet your specific needs.

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