Equip your greenhouse to improve performance

We offer reputable branded products that meet the specific needs of all types of crops at extremely competitive prices.

Heating system

A wide selection of greenhouse heating systems are available in-house. They include systems with water or air heat distributors, and heat generators compatible with various fuel types including; natural gas, propane, biomass, fuel oil and biodiesel.

Climate control

Centralized equipment management ensures precise control of heating, lighting, irrigation and other components of greenhouse management. Climate control meets the daily needs of the crop while maximizing efficiencies and a profitable return on investment.


photosynthesis lighting systems wich are designed to improve the yield and quality of greenhouse crops. The use of auxiliary lighting is needed in temperate climates where the sun is not sufficient for year-round production.


The Harnois rack and pinion screen systems allow clients to efficiently and accurately moderate the greenhouse climate to create ideal conditions for crops. Thermal, shading or black-out screen options are available. 


Our specialists can help you select the ideal system for your irrigation and fertigation needs.


We offer a wide range of doors to customize every greenhouse project.

  • Sliding door
  • Single or double hinged door
  • Single or double curtain door
  • Garage door
  • Commercial door


The covering can have a major impact on the quality and characteristics of the greenhouse’s microclimate. Our experts can help you select the ideal covering for your operation.

Available coverings include:

  • Glass
  • Polyethylene film
  • Polycarbonate


Warmer climate conditions may make it necessary to cool greenhouses to provide optimum growing conditions for plants that thrive in cooler climates. Our experts can help you select the best cooling options for your operation.


A quality ventilation system will help control temperature, humidity and contributes to the even distribution of CO2 throughout the greenhouse. Contact us to discover the ideal solution for your operation.


Shading reduces water stress and exposes the plants to the elements for optimal acclimatization.

It is an affordable and effective solution for covering retail zones by protecting and preserving valuable plant inventories and providing clients with a more comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience.

Ideal for:

  • Nurseries
  • Tree seeding production


We offer a variety of different technology in order to adapt to our client’s needs.