Ground-to-ground greenhouses

OvaltechTM is engineered and designed for versatility and excellent value for money. It offers a number of interesting features, and custom parts designed to simplify installation.

NRCS High Tunnel Initiatives – Grants for High Tunnels Greenhouses 

While the NRCS offers both technical and financial assistance to farmers, partnering with an approved manufacturer like Harnois ensures a smoother transition from your initial vision to the final implementation. Our expertise aligns seamlessly with the rigorous application process of the NRCS, which prioritizes a clear conservation plan, a thorough assessment of resources, practice design, and continuous monitoring. Together, we strive to promote sustainable farming and make high tunnel integration a beneficial experience for all.


Great structural qualities, such as its weather resistance, have made OvaltechTM very popular.
  • Requires less investment compared to a gutter connected greenhouse of the same size, with extreme versatility for purpose and function as required;
  • Gothic shape creates a bright environment that promotes the uniform growth of crops;
  • Superior air volume creates a more stable climate at plant level;
  • Designed to maximize the efficiency of natural ventilation and helps create a climate suitable for strong, healthy crops;
  • Our wiretech moldings allow for the roof covering to be installed independently from the sides.


  • Market gardeners: Vegetable production
  • Production of tended vegetables (peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.)
  • Retail and sales area
  • Propagation and production of cuttings, perennials and annuals
  • Ornamental production

Technical specifications

Available widths
  • 25’ to 42’
Foundation options
  • X-rod anchor tubes
  • Anchor plates for existing foundation
  • Anchor tubes for concrete foundation (columns or continuous foundation)
Covering options
  • Single or double polyethylene films
  • Single or twin wall polycarbonate sheets
Ventilation options
  • Single or double ridge vent panels
  • Mid-roof vent
  • Side roll-up vent (manual or automated)
  • Mechanical ventilation (fan, extractor and air circulator)
Doors options
  • Single or double doors
  • Sliding or hinged

Available models

The OVALTECHTM greenhouse is available in 3 different models to meet the needs of producers in all regions, climates or crop production.


We offer products of different levels of technology in order to adapt to client needs and budgets.

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Our equipment makes it possible to adapt greenhouses to the types of crops being produced.

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Business sectors

Our greenhouses meet the needs of these business sectors : vegetables, fruits and ornamental, along with institutional and commercial. Discover how they’re used in your business sector.

Vegetables, fruits and ornamental greenhouses

Greenhouses adapted to fruit and vegetable crops, flowering plants, perennials, annuals and tree nurseries.

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Institutional greenhouses

Greenhouses designed to meet the specific needs of educational and research projects.

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Commercial greenhouses

Greenhouses perfectly adapted to the retail industry by enhancing the consumer experience and producer profitability.

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