The LuminosaTM can cover large areas and are ideally suited for medium to highly automated operations. This model can be used to group all greenhouse operations under one roof and to facilitate plant handling and phytosanitary management.


This multi-span greenhouse is designed to maximize usable cropping space. Several widths, up to 16.20 meters, are available, the widest available on the market! It offers several interesting features:

  • Specially designed to withstand wind and snow;
  • Improved condensation control;
  • Roof that facilitates the installation of polyfilms;
  • Columns designed in two parts to facilitate installation and to optimize structural strength;
  • A redesigned gutter for greater luminosity and energy efficiency;
  • Available tunnel to connect several individual greenhouses;
  • Can easily integrate service buildings such as mixing areas for fertilization, conditioning and packing areas, offices or employee rest areas;
  • Design adapted to the installation of a disinfection airlock to facilitate the phytosanitary management of crops;
  • Designed to maximize usable cultivation space.


  • Suitable for hydroponic or organic crops;
  • Suitable for above-ground crops;
  • Ideal for commercial production of vegetables, fine herbs, fruits and ornamental crops;
  • Improves containment and safety to prevent pests and insects that can harm crops, reducing the need for pesticides and fungicides.

Technical specifications

Available widths

  • from 21’4“ (3.7m) to 53’2” (16.20m)

Foundation options 

  • Anchor plates for existing foundation
  • Anchorage tubes for new concrete foundation (columns or continuous foundation)

Covering options

  • Single or double polyethylene films
  • Single or twin wall polycarbonate sheets
Ventilation options
  • Single or double ridge vent panels
  • Mid-roof vent
  • Side roll-up vent (manual or automated)
  • Mechanical ventilation (fan, extractor and air circulator)
Door options
  • Single or double
  • Sliding or hinged

Available greenhouse models

The LUMINOSATM greenhouse is available in various widths. The 21’4 ”, 26’3 ”, 30 ‘, 31’6’ ‘and 36’ models are optimized for growing vegetables according to a European (metric) crop organization, with rows spaced 1.6 or 1.8 meters. Ideal for hanging crops such as tomatoes and cucumbers, these greenhouses optimize the growing space and maximize the profitability of the operation.

Available only in Canada and the United States

Available only in Canada and the United States

Available only in Canada and the United States

Width 9,6m
Width 11m
Width 14,40m
Width 16,20m

Available only in Mexico


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