Cover-All Fabric Building for the Agricultural Sector


Benefits for the agricultural sector

Our cover-all fabric buildings are affordable and quick to install; approximately 20$/sqft.

The absence of a central column facilitates the storage of equipment and the circulation of vehicles of all kinds;

Translucent membrane creates a bright environment for your livestock;

The many options ensure the well-being of your livestock;

Installing concrete block foundations helps meet environmental standards for runoff and infiltration;

The structure can be lengthened after installation as your business grows.


Our agricultural fabric buildings are designed to ensure the well-being of your livestock. They offer a bright, spacious environment, as well as protection from wind and weather.

A dome adapted to your industry

  • The absence of a central column means that space can be made available for loose housing;
  • We have designed a PowerShield® membrane specifically to meet the needs of users of farm buildings for livestock production. It lets in 30% light, enabling solar sterilization, which in turn can save on veterinary care costs. Humidity levels are also lower with this membrane than with the standard one;
  • Our many options provide your livestock with a clean, well-ventilated environment that helps maintain their health;
  • Our structures ensure increased productivity, even in winter.

Possible applications


A MegaDome® building lets you enjoy your horse riding arena all year round. A fabric building adapted to your industry

  • The sound-absorbing membrane makes this arena much quieter than a conventional riding arena.
  • The absence of a central column maximizes interior space, leaving room for rider and mount.

    Equestrian sports applications

  • Dressage
  • Eventing
  • Obstacle courses
  • Reigning



Our buildings protect your farm equipment from the elements and help minimize maintenance costs. They can accommodate all types of machinery, from tractors to combines.


The MegaDome® structure is ideal for storing bulk materials such as hay or feed. It can even cover a manure pit.