Municipal Fabric Buildings and Structures


Benefits for the municipal sector

Our fabric buildings are affordable and quick to install, responding to urban challenges such as lack of space, time or funding;

All our coverall buildings (EZDome, DB, AR) meet municipal construction requirements;

Loading and unloading operations are carried out inside the building, considerably minimizing waste and environmental contamination;

Our fabric buildings prevent the infiltration of salt or abrasives into the ground, helping cities to comply with current regulations.

Sports, leisure and events

A coverall fabric building is perfectly suited to the sports and leisure sector, as well as being the best ally for municipal events. Our domes make it possible to offer services and sports activities year-round, sheltered from the elements.

A fabric building adapted to your activity sector:

  • The building is quickly installed, and can be dismantled and moved.
  • The echo-eliminating PowerShield® membrane is ideal for municipal meetings or musical events.
  • The membrane can also be used to house a skating rink and provide users with natural light.
  • Single or double roll-up opening options optimize crowd circulation and create emergency exits.

Possible uses

The fabric building can be used to cover :

  • A public swimming pool
    A skating rink or tennis court.

It can also be used as

  • Casino
  • Arena
  • Community center
  • Marquee for block parties and festivals
  • Concert hall for musical events

Ports & Waterways

Ports benefit from the strength and flexibility of our fabric buildings. The MegaDome® design is ideally suited to warehousing and bulk requirements.

A coverall buidling adapted to your industry

  • canvas building ensures that your materials are protected from the elements and within easy reach all year round;
  • The large interior clearance facilitates the circulation of machinery;
  • Hot-dip galvanizing options double the structure’s protection against corrosion.

Warehousing and public works

Our series are specially designed to optimize equipment storage for road authorities and municipalities.

Our storage fabric buildings are the ideal choice for the public works sector. Their design facilitates access to spreaders and conveyors.

A permanent fabric structure adapted to your industry:

  • The structure keeps your materials close at hand all year round.
  • The PowerShield® membrane protects road salt and abrasives from the elements at all times.

Warehouse Equipment

Municipal equipment can quickly become cumbersome. Our buildings are the ideal solution for protecting it, from simple road signs to huge snow removal trucks.

Bulk Salt Storage

A MegaDome® building keeps bulk abrasive materials dry and accessible all year round. The structure’s large interior clearance allows storage of large quantities of salt, sand and gravel.

Snow Removal Equipment

The robust design of our buildings accommodates even the largest snowplows and snowblowers, ensuring they are ready and in prime condition for when winter demands their service. Easy access and protective features like our PowerShield® membrane safeguard the machinery against weather damage, maintaining their efficiency and prolonging their service life.