Greenhouse Production in Tropical Regions


    Unlocking the Future of Greenhouse Cultivation: Insights from Corenthin Felix-Chassouant

    In a recent podcast episode on “What Plants Crave,” our VP, Sales & business development, Greenhouses Canada & USA, Corenthin Felix-Chassouant, shared valuable insights into the evolving landscape of greenhouse cultivation. Corenthin emphasized the critical role of innovative greenhouse technologies and sustainable practices in meeting the growing demand for high-quality, year-round produce.

    Corenthin highlighted the importance of leveraging advanced engineering and agronomic expertise to design greenhouses that maximize natural light and create optimal growing conditions. He discussed how Harnois Greenhouses’ solutions are tailored to mitigate extreme weather, protect crops from pests and diseases, and ensure peace of mind for growers by enhancing productivity and profitability.

    One key takeaway from Corenthin’s conversation is the significance of adopting carbon-neutral practices in greenhouse operations. Our latest project, a net-zero glass greenhouse in Sherrington, QC, exemplifies this commitment. This groundbreaking project aims to produce fresh, local lettuce year-round while maintaining a minimal carbon footprint, showcasing our dedication to sustainability and innovation.

    For those interested in the full discussion, we invite you to listen to the podcast episode here. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to lead the way in greenhouse technology and sustainable agriculture.