A legacy of innovation in irrigation and greenhouse systems


    It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Mr. Rolland Harnois, co-founder of Harnois Industries on Friday, January 26, 2024. His passing leaves a void deeply felt by all those who knew and loved him. His loss goes beyond the professional; it touches the hearts of his family, friends, and community. Innovative and creative, Rolland was an inspiration and a pillar, not only in his industry, but also in his personal life.

    Born into a committed family, Rolland began his career alongside his father, Joseph Harnois. In 1958, he played a crucial role in selling the first sprinkler irrigation system. Together with his brother Yves, he laid the foundations for what would later become Irrigation St-Thomas, which would evolve into today’s Harnois Irrigation.

    Under his leadership, Industries Harnois diversified into greenhouse manufacturing, becoming the first greenhouse manufacturer in Quebec. This evolution was accompanied by numerous innovations, such as Gothic-shaped greenhouses, natural ventilation, and a frost protection system for field crops.

    For Rolland, the true measure of success was the way his company shone. He took great pride in seeing his innovative ideas become industry standards, transforming farming practices. The scope of his work and the positive impact it had on farming communities was an important source of motivation for him. This altruistic, progress-oriented vision deeply characterized Mr. Harnois.

    His love for his personal family, as well as his professional family, was what he cherished most. Today, as we mourn his loss, we celebrate the life of a man whose creative genius left a permanent imprint on the world of agriculture.

    The Harnois Industries and Harnois Irrigation Family

    Danielle, Patrice, Dominique, Bruno et Yanick.