Fabric Buildings Components

MegaDome® by Harnois only uses the best possible components for its buildings. They are selected, analyzed and tested to deliver the highest quality buildings for our clients.
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PowerShield membrane®

The PowerShield® membrane is the most advanced polymer technology on the market. Waterproof and durable, this premium covering is engineered and designed to protect your valuable assets from the elements.

Our PowerShield® membrane is meticulously prepared with strict quality control at every step of production. This attention to detail ensures a resistant and durable membrane, ready to be installed on your MegaDome® structure.

The PowerShield® membrane allows the easy prenetration of natural light, allowing our clients to enjoy the benefits of a bright space and significant daytime energy savings.

We produce PowerShield® membrane that meets the specific needs of livestock farmers. It allows 30 percent more light penetration.This special feature contributes to a brighter, cleaner and safer environment by promoting solar sterilization, a process which can generate significant savings on veterinary fees. Humidity will also be lower with this membrane in comparison with the standard membrane.


Here are some tests we regularly perform on our PowerShield® membrane to ensure the best possible product for our customers.


Our PowerShield® roof membrane is covered by an industry leading 15-year prorated warranty including 100 percent coverage for the first two years.

Download the detailed warranty

Download the detailed warranty EzkitTM

Steel structure

MegaDome® structures are distinguished by their engineering, choice of steel, corrosion protection, use of oval tubes and high quality components. Our company has proudly engineered, designed and installed steel structures around the world for over 50 years. Our extensive experience allows us to offer innovative, top quality structures that are both robust and durable.
Our structures only use the best quality structural steel. The mechanical and chemical properties of this type of steel are analysed before processing, which guarantees the quality of the final product.

MegaDome® structures use oval tubes. This shape makes them more resistant than round or rectangular tubes of similar dimensions. This feature allows us to design a robust structure with considerably less steel.

The lower section of our arches, the part most exposed to dirt and corrosive elements, is always hot dipped after welding to ensure the added protection of the steel and durability of the structure.

The rest of the structure is made of pre-galvanized steel. Two additional galvanization options are also offered for superior protection in highly corrosive environments:

Hot-dip galvanized steel

Each arch of the structure is dipped in a molten zinc solution after welding. This operation is carried out after the transformation process to ensure the structure is highly protected. This treatment is ideal for corrosive environments.

The hardware, as it is, is made of zinc nickel and the other components made of pre-galvanized steel.

Hot-dip + galvanized steel

The structure is completely dipped in a molten zinc solution after welding. This includes all sections of the arch, spars, braces, butt structure and others. This operation is performed after the transformation to provide the best possible protection for the structure and its assembly components. This treatment is ideal for highly corrosive environments.

The hardware, as it is, is zinc nickel and stainless steel cables.

All of our structures are exclusively assembled using components made of a steel alloy that have a zink and nickel protection against corrosion. This composition ensures high quality components that will preserve the integrity and durability of our structures.
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Here are some tests we regularly perform on our MegaDome® arches to ensure the best possible product for our customers.


All steel structures in the EzDomeTM, DB and AR series are covered by a 10-year warranty for the pre-galvanized steel structures and a 15-year warranty on those that are hot-dip galvanized steel after welding. The warranty protects the original buyer from any material or manufacturing defects. The EzKitTM is covered by a one-year warranty on the steel structure.

Download the detailed warranty


Our comprehensive range of options allows you to customize your building according to your unique needs.

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