AR Series

Customized buildings for larger scale projects

Our design engineers produce a customized structure for every project. These permanent buildings bring together the innovative MegaDome® design and all of the benefits of conventional buildings.


  • Quick installation
  • Up to 100 feet wide
  • Length is only limited to your imagination and budget
  • Meets building code requirements for your area
  • Several foundation options available
  • Option to replace the roof membrane by section
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel roof joists
  • Vertical walls for greater interior clearance
  • Option to replace the wall membrane with sheet metal


  • The building can be easily extended after installation to meet your growing needs;
  • Option to change the roof membrane by section and replace the wall membrane with sheet metal;
  • Vertical walls for greater interior clearance.

Available models

The buildings of the AR Series are fully customizable according to the needs of the client and the scope of his project.


A MegaDome® sstructure is distinguished by its engineering and the quality of its components: structural steel and class exclusive Powershield® membrane.

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The options allow you to customize your building to meet your specific needs.

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Business sectors

Our series meet the different needs of the industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors. Discover uses common to your sector.


Dairy farm, livestock barn, hay shelter, horse riding arena, machinery storage and more.

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Equipment and bulk storage, recycling and composting, commercial warehouses and more.

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Skating rinks, equipment storage and bulk items, tents for events and much more.

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