EzKitTM and EzDomeTM

Temporary or permanent fabric buildings

The temporary EZ series features two models EzKitTM and EzDomeTM, both with quick and easy installation. These galvanized structures offer security and durability, and are available in widths of 30, 35 or 40 feet.


Temporary building ideally suited for short-term storage

This model is often used on construction, mining or logging sites. Installed without a permanent foundation, the structure is designed for quick set-up and can be moved several times during a project.


  • Choose the length of the structure that fits your needs;
  • Wide range of industrial options available ;
  • The structure can be mounted on two types of foundations: joists and concrete blocks. These two options make site clean-up a breeze at the end of the project.

Available models

The EzKit™ is available in 3 different models: 30 ‘, 30H (higher sides) and 35’. See the table below for available lengths.

Simple arch diameter : 4 5/16’’


The permanent building solution for smaller scale projects

This building is equipped with a single arch for extra durability. It is a permanent building that can be installed on several types of foundations.


  • Choose the length of the structure that fits your needs. The building can even be lengthened in the future if the client requires more space;
  • Wide range of industrial options available ;
  • The concrete block foundations minimize ground impact and help with site rehabilitation at the end of the project.
  • Meets building code requirements for your area.

Available models

The EzDome™ is available in 5 different models: 30 ‘, 30H (higher arches), 35′, 40′ and 40’ Gothic. Unlike EzKit™, it does not have a set minimum or maximum length.

Simple arch diameter : 4 5/16’’

Simple arch diameter : 4 5/16’’


A MegaDome® structure is distinguished by its engineering and the quality of its components: structural steel and class exclusive Powershield® membrane.


The options allow you to customize your building to meet your specific needs.


Our series meet the different needs of the industrial, municipal and agricultural sectors. Discover uses common to your sector.


Dairy farm, livestock barn, hay shelter, horse riding arena, machinery storage and more.

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Equipment and bulk storage, recycling and composting, commercial warehouses and more.

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Skating rinks, equipment storage and bulk items, tents for events and much more.

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