New Entrant Farm Business Accelerator Program


    The agricultural sector is the backbone of any economy, ensuring food security and contributing significantly to the nation’s GDP. Recognizing the crucial role of agriculture, the British Columbia government has introduced the New Entrant Farm Business Accelerator Program. This innovative initiative aims to support budding entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector, including market gardeners and greenhouse operators, providing them with the necessary tools, knowledge, and financial assistance to turn their farming aspirations into reality.

    Program Objective

    The primary goal of the New Entrant Farm Business Accelerator Program is to facilitate the growth and success of new entrants in the farming industry, specifically targeting market gardeners and those looking to establish greenhouse operations. By offering comprehensive support, the program seeks to ensure that new farmers are well-equipped to establish, sustain, and expand their farm businesses effectively, thereby contributing to the overall prosperity and sustainability of the agriculture sector in British Columbia.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The program targets individuals who are new to the farming business, specifically those who have not reported farm income for a certain number of years. It is designed for prospective farmers who are committed to developing a successful agricultural enterprise but may lack the necessary resources or knowledge to do so, including market gardeners and greenhouse operators.

    Financial Support and Services

    Participants in the New Entrant Farm Business Accelerator Program can expect to receive a wide range of support, including:

    • Financial Assistance: The program provides financial support to cover a portion of the costs associated with developing and implementing farm business plans and growth strategies. This may include funding for market gardeners to purchase seeds, soil amendments, and equipment; or for commercial greenhouses to invest in infrastructure, climate control systems, and technology.
    • Business Planning and Development: Participants will have access to resources and guidance on creating comprehensive farm business plans. This includes market analysis, financial planning, and identifying viable farming opportunities for market gardeners and greenhouse operations.
    • Training and Mentorship: The program offers training sessions and workshops on various aspects of farm management, including sustainable farming practices, marketing, and sales. Additionally, mentorship from experienced farmers provides invaluable insights and advice to new entrants, including those focusing on market gardening and greenhouse production.
    • Access to Resources: Participants will be connected with a network of resources, including access to land, equipment, and technology, to support their farming operations. This is especially beneficial for market gardeners and greenhouse operators looking to maximize productivity and sustainability.

    Application Process

    Interested individuals must go through a selection process that assesses their commitment to farming, business acumen, and the potential sustainability of their proposed farming operation. The application process typically involves submitting a detailed business plan, financial projections, and other documentation to demonstrate the feasibility and viability of the farm business, including plans for market gardening or greenhouse operations.

    Making a Difference

    The New Entrant Farm Business Accelerator Program is more than just a funding initiative; it’s a comprehensive support system designed to nurture the next generation of farmers. By empowering new entrants with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, the program not only supports individual farmers but also ensures the long-term sustainability and resilience of British Columbia’s agricultural sector.


    For those aspiring to embark on a journey in agriculture, including market gardening and greenhouse operation, the New Entrant Farm Business Accelerator Program offers a golden opportunity to turn their farming dreams into reality. With its holistic approach to supporting new farmers, the program is paving the way for a more prosperous, sustainable, and food-secure future.