Agricultural sector

Our innovative design offers unparalleled benefits for the agricultural sector

Benefits for the agricultural sector

Our fabric buildings are cost-effective and quickly installed;

Designed without a central support column, the structure makes it easy to store equipment and to move and operate all types of vehicles;

The translucent membrane creates a bright environment for livestock;

We offer a wide range of options designed to ensure the wellbeing of your livestock;

The installation of concrete block foundations helps respect environmental standards by reducing rainwater runoff and soil infiltration;

The building can be easily extended after installation to adapt to the growth of your operation.


Our buildings are designed to ensure the welfare of your livestock by providing a bright, spacious and comfortable environment to protect them from the elements.

A building adapted to your business sector

  • The absence of a central support column makes it easy to arrange the space for free stalling;
  • We produce PowerShield® membrane that meets the specific needs of livestock farmers. It allows 30 percent more light penetration. This special feature contributes to a brighter, cleaner and safer environment by promoting solar sterilization, a process which can generate significant savings on veterinary fees. The moisture content is also lower with this membrane in comparison with the standard membrane;
  • Our various industrial options provide a clean and well-ventilated environment to help maintain the health and wellbeing of your livestock;
  • Our structures ensure high year round productivity.

Possible uses

  • Livestock barns
  • Hay shelters
  • Feedlots
  • Dairy farms


MegaDome® buildings allow you to enjoy your riding arena all year long.

MegaDome® buildings allow you to enjoy your riding arena all year long.

  • The membrane helps to reduce noise, making it much quieter than a traditional riding arena;
  • The absence of a central support column maximizes interior space, leaving plenty of room for riders and horses.

Possible uses for equestrian activities

  • Dressage
  • Equestrian competitions
  • Obstacle courses
  • Reining



Our buildings protect your agricultural equipment from the elements and help minimize maintenance costs. They can accommodate all types of machinery, from tractors to combine harvesters.

Bulk storage

Our MegaDome® structures are ideally suited for storing bulk goods such as hay or animal feed, and can even be used to cover a manure pit.