Cover-All Fabric Building for the Beef Barns

MegaDome fabric buildings as beef cattle barns for a healthy productive herd

From quaint hobby farms to expansive commercial farms, MegaDome fabric buildings are effortlessly adaptable to accommodate any layout for beef barns. Their column-free interiors provide a fully open floor plan, optimizing space and functionality to seamlessly incorporate equipment and accessories such as chimneys, doors, feed bunks, curtains, gates, pens, and more, ensuring an efficient and versatile environment for cattle rearing.

Our cover-all fabric buildings are affordable and quick to install;

The absence of a central column facilitates the storage of equipment and the circulation of vehicles of all kinds;

Translucent membrane creates a bright environment for your livestock;

The many models & options ensure the well-being of your livestock;

Installing concrete block foundations helps meet environmental standards for runoff and infiltration;

The structure can be lengthened after installation as your business grows.


Beef Barns

Our fabric buildings are designed to ensure the well-being of your livestock. They offer a bright, spacious environment, as well as protection from wind and weather.

  • The absence of a central column means that space can be made available for loose housing;
  • We have designed a PowerShield® membrane specifically to meet the needs of users of farm buildings for livestock production. It lets in 30% light, enabling solar sterilization, which in turn can save on veterinary care costs. 
  • Humidity levels are also lower with this membrane than with the standard one;
  • Our many options provide your livestock with a clean, well-ventilated environment that helps maintain their health;
  • Our structures ensure increased productivity, even in winter.