420 SeriesTM


Ready to move to greenhouse production? Are you new to greenhouse cultivation? Harnois Greenhouses can meet your structure needs for all types of crop environment, or greenhouse models you are looking for.

Luminosa 420TM

Gutter connected greenhouse

Designed to offer the best crop growing conditions, this high tech greenhouse combines smart engineering and agronomic excellence. Available in two models : one optimized for warm/snowless climates and the other for Nordic/temperate climates.

Available models

The Luminosa 420TM greenhouse is ideally suited for growing cannabis. It is also available in many widths to meet the needs of producers.

Available only in Canada and USA

Ovaltech 420TM

Ground-to-ground greenhouse

The popularity of the OvaltechTM is a testament to its versatility and durability. It has become the leader for wind and snow resistance. Its efficient design allows for abundant light, resulting in uniform crop growth across the greenhouse. Engineered to enhance natural ventilation, it creates a favorable environment for healthy crops and energy efficiency.

Available models

The OvaltechTM greenhouse is a cost effective option for growing a variety of crops including cannabis. Like the LuminosaTM greenhouse, it is available in different widths.

AR 420TM

Indoor warehouse

The AR series is a custom engineering solution designed to address very specific industrial, commercial and agricultural requirements. Our engineers design custom structures for every project. These permanent buildings combine the innovative MegaDome® design and all of the benefits of conventional buildings.

Available models

The AR 420TM building can easily adapt to the specific needs of cannabis producers (width, clear height, etc.).


We offer products of different levels of technology in order to adapt to client needs and budgets.

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Our equipment makes it possible to adapt greenhouses to the types of crops being produced.

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Business sectors

Our greenhouses meet the needs of these business sectors : vegetables, fruits and ornamental, along with institutional and commercial. Discover how they’re used in your business sector.

Vegetables, fruits and ornamental greenhouses

Greenhouses adapted to fruit and vegetable crops, flowering plants, perennials, annuals and tree nurseries.

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Institutional greenhouses

Greenhouses designed to meet the specific needs of educational and research projects.

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Commercial greenhouses

Greenhouses perfectly adapted to the retail industry by enhancing the consumer experience and producer profitability.

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