Dr. Greenhouse interviews Felix Chassouant


    Just last month, nestled among the bright lights of Las Vegas, Dr. Sabeh—affectionately known in our circle as Dr. Greenhouse—dove into the heart of what’s blossoming in the field of indoor agriculture by attending the much-anticipated 2024 Indoor Ag-Con. Over a decade since its inception, this gathering has flourished, this year blooming to host over 1,500 attendees, a testament to its ever-growing influence and the burgeoning interest in nurturing our planet through innovative farming practices.

    The conference turned into a fertile ground for the exchange of pioneering ideas, sparking conversations about the future of our food, and knitting together a community passionate about cultivating change. Amid this congregation of minds, Dr. Sabeh wove her own narrative, engaging with attendees to absorb their insights and share the richness of her own experience in the world of controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

    One of the most enriching conversations took place with Felix, our own Greenhouse Sales Director, whose passion for green futures is matched only by his expertise. Together, they delved into topics vital for anyone vested in the soil of tomorrow:

    • From Indoor to Greenhouses: They navigated the evolving narrative of farming, discussing the shift from solely indoor setups to the embrace of greenhouses—a marriage of the best of both worlds, combining the control and precision of technology with the grace of natural elements.
    • Visions of CEA’s Future: Their talk branched out into the vast potential of CEA, touching upon the innovations on the horizon—from technological leaps to novel plant sciences and business models—that promise to redefine the landscape of agriculture.
    • The Quest for Energy Efficiency: At the core of their conversation was the green pulse of sustainability—energy efficiency. They shared thoughts on cutting down energy footprints, harnessing renewable energies, and optimizing the climates of greenhouses to grow more with less.
    • The Vermax Revolution: The discussion gleamed with the potential of Vermax glass in revolutionizing greenhouses, offering a window (quite literally) to improved light management, energy savings, and resilience, illuminating paths to more effective cultivation.
    • And So Much More: Their dialogue, rich and varied, ventured into everything from the intricacies of nutrient management to the promising integration of AI in safeguarding plant health.

    Their engaging exchange, captured between 7:02 and 12:10, was more than a discussion—it was a reflection of the collective wisdom and shared dreams of a community rooted in the hope of a greener, more sustainable world.

    Reflecting on the 2024 Indoor Ag-Con, it’s clear this wasn’t just another conference. It was a confluence of passion, innovation, and a shared commitment to the earth that sustains us. With visionaries like Dr. Sabeh and Felix steering the conversation, the journey toward a more sustainable future in agriculture feels not just possible, but palpable. It’s a reminder that in the seeds of today’s conversations, we’re planting the forests of tomorrow.