Municipal sector

The flexibility of our buildings is of great benefits to the municipal sector.

Benefits for the municipal sector

Our fabric buildings are cost-effective and quickly installed, to meet the challenges often faced by all municipalities, including limited space, time or funding

Our DB and AR series, as well as EzDomeTM, meet municipal building requirements

The loading and unloading operations can be carried out inside the building, which considerably minimizes potential losses and contamination of the environment

Our buildings help prevent the infiltration of salt or abrasives into the soil, helping cities to comply with current environmental regulations

Sports, recreation and events

MegaDome® buildings are ideally suited to sports and recreational activities and are ideal for hosting a variety of events. Our fabric buildings allow you to offer sports activities year-round while protecting participants against the elements.

A building adapted to your business sector

  • They are quickly installed and can be easily dismantled and relocated.
  • The PowerShield® membrane eliminates echos and is ideal for municipal meetings or musical events.
  • The membrane also provides an excellent shelter for skating rinks and allows people to enjoy the natural daylight.
  • Option: The single or double roll-up option optimizes the flow of the crowd in addition to creating emergency exits.

Possible uses

  • Casino
  • Arena
  • Community centre
  • Tent for local festivals and celebrations
  • Theatre for musical events.


The flexibility and durability of our buildings offer great benefits for ports. MegaDome® buildings are designed for all types of storage.

A fabric building adapted to your business sector

  • The building provides easy year round access and protection to your materials;
  • The large interior clearance facilitates the flow of equipment;
  • Hot-dip galvanization options double structural protection in corrosive environments.

Storage and public works

Our series are specially designed to maximize the storage of road authority and municipality equipment.

Our buildings are the ideal solution for public sector work. The design allows salt spreaders and conveyors to operate easily within its walls.

A building adapted to your business sector

  • The structure provides easy year round access to your equipment.
  • The PowerShield® membrane protects road salt and abrasives from the elements at all times.


Municipal equipment can quickly become difficult to manage effectively. Our buildings are the ideal solution to store and protect a wide variety of items and equipment.

Bulk goods

MegaDome® buildings keep bulk abrasives and road salt dry and ready to use year-round. The high wall clearance provides maximum storage capacity for salt, sand and gravel.