MEGADOMEMD - Industrial



As your business grows, our buildings evolve to meet your warehousing needs.

Operational speed

Keep your business running faster with our fast-installation storage and protection buildings, reducing the waiting time usually seen with traditional structures.

Designed and manufactured in Canada

Our domes are 100% made in Canada and are CSA W47.1 and ISO3834 welded. In addition, we are ISO 9001 and CAN/CSA A660 certified. For us, quality is not just a word, it's a promise.

Uninterrupted operation

Come rain, snow or shine, our weather-resistant fabric ensures continuity of your operations, minimizing costly downtime.

Increased productivity

Daylighting reduces eyestrain and improves the working environment, which can boost employee productivity and well-being.

Cost savings

Experience immediate savings, from installation to maintenance. Our buildings offer a rapid return on investment.

Optimizing space utilization

In the absence of internal supports, you can adapt the internal layout to suit your changing needs, giving you even more options and possibilities.

Unique features

  • The galvanized steel structure guarantees durability in a corrosive environment;
  • The absence of a central column facilitates the circulation and operation of machinery;
  • Galvanized structure guaranteed 10 years
  • Standard 12oZ white canvas, 15-year warranty
  • CSA W47.1 and ISO3834 welds
  • We are ISO 9001 certified.
  • Made in Canada


Find the solution to all your storage and protection needs with our comprehensive range of industrial buildings.

Mining, oil and energy

The different series of MegaDome® structures meet the needs of the mining, petroleum and energy industries. Our domes are easily delivered to remote locations, and installation is efficient.

Our buildings can be built with insulation to ensure greater comfort in cold or hot climates. This creates a pleasant and safe working environment for workers.

A dome adapted to your industry

  • The building is easily delivered to remote areas;
  • Installation is quick, and models are available to suit a wide variety of climates;
  • The EZ series allows the dome to be moved as work progresses;
  • The dismantled structure can also be reassembled at a new mine site for reuse;
  • The translucent PowerShield® membrane lets in natural light all day long. This is essential when energy is scarce.

Possible applications

  • Maintenance workshop
  • Storage of equipment, machinery and materials


Our buildings are the fast, cost-effective solution to all your industrial storage needs. Our bulk and machinery storage domes meet municipal standards and requirements.


The MegaDome® structure protects your industrial equipment from the elements, extending the life of your machinery. What’s more, the building allows you to maintain your equipment away from uncomfortable cold or heat.
Our spacious domes are suitable for all types of industrial equipment, including loaders, excavators, trailers and trucks.


The dome covers and protects your bulk industrial goods. This keeps them dry and accessible, even in cold weather. Plus, wall clearance maximizes storage space.

Ideal for bulk materials:

  • Ore
  • Coal
  • Grain
  • Wood
  • Sand
  • Gravel
  • Stone


MegaDome® buildings are the ideal solution for the environmental sector. It can be used as a composting plant, recycling facility, sorting center or waste recovery center.

A dome adapted to your sector of activity

  • Large interior clearance facilitates the handling of sorting, composting and waste recovery operations, as well as the circulation of heavy machinery;
  • Helps meet environmental standards for runoff and infiltration, while protecting residual materials from the elements;
  • Lower acquisition cost.


A dome is the perfect building for the commercial sector. This flexible, cost-effective solution enables us to be highly responsive in this competitive market. Our customers use it as a showroom or warehouse.

A dome adapted to your business sector

  • Our customers usually pay less property tax associated with their building;
  • The structure can be extended after installation as your business grows.