Fabric Buildings: Airplane Hangars

Discover Unmatched Protection and Versatility with MegaDome Airplane Hangars

At MegaDome, we specialize in providing state-of-the-art fabric buildings designed to meet the unique needs of aviation storage and operations. Our MegaDome airplane hangars combine durability, flexibility, and superior protection, making them the perfect choice for housing your aircraft.

Our cover-all fabric buildings are affordable and quick to install;

The absence of a central column facilitates the storage of equipment and the circulation of airplanes;

Translucent membrane creates a bright environment for working;

The many models & options for customization;

Installing a concrate slab foundations;

The structure can be lengthened after installation;

Aircraft Hangars

Each MegaDome airplane hangar is tailored to accommodate a variety of aircraft sizes and types. From small private planes to larger commercial jets, our hangars can be customized in dimensions and features, including wide-span doors, translucent membranes for natural lighting, and insulation options to protect against the elements.

Versatile Applications Beyond Aviation

While ideal for use as airplane hangars, MegaDome buildings are versatile enough for various applications, including maintenance workshops, cargo storage, and more. The adaptability of our fabric buildings ensures they meet not only your current needs but also your evolving requirements.