Harnois Greenhouses

A Complete Range of Greenhouses to respond to your needs

Expanding your greenhouse? New greenhouse grower? Are you growing vegetables, perennials, annuals, shrubs or plugs? Regardless of the type of crop, greenhouse style or years of greenhouse growing experience, we have the structure you need.

An Integrated Service

We know time is precious. That is why Harnois makes a grower's life easy by supplying a complete range of value-added services that go hand-to-hand with it's quality greenhouses and equipment. The sales, installation and technical support teams work together to hasten project's start-up and help growers quickly get a good grip on new equipment.

This turnkey service also ensure Harnois' can take over the full responsibility of the project, if the customer so desires. This limits the number of players on the construction site and frees the grower for more important tasks. Once the project is completed and fully launched, Harnois' support remains easily accessible. Our teams understand the reality of greenhouse growers and are sensible to the importance of acting quickly to solve problems. They will do what it takes to minimize downtime and have the operation back on track as soon as possible.

With Harnois, you are in good hands.


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