Why grow your crops in a greenhouse?

Greenhouse cultivation is a great solution to overcome the challenges of field production, such as loss of crops, poor weather and insects. You can opt for full greenhouse production or choose to use it only for certain crops while continuing to grow other crops in the field. Find out how a greenhouse can help you achieve your business goals.

Master your growing environment  

Greenhouse cultivation is fully protected from the outside environment. With a greenhouse, you can play the role of Mother Nature, creating the ideal ecosystem for growing crops by controlling factors like temperature, sunshine, fertilization and irrigation, all helping to greatly reduce the risk of lost crops.

The different kinds of greenhouse roof coverings available allow for optimal light conditions and high levels of heat diffusion and reflection, as well as allowing certain UV rays that bumblebees need to pass through.  

Protect your crops  

Greenhouses help to protect crops from diseases and outdoor pests. They also reduce the impact of outdoor conditions like rain, droughts, high winds, cold temperatures and snow.

Maximize your production time   

Greenhouse production allows you to grow throughout the year in climate-controlled conditions, generally doubling your annual yield compared to field crops. If you decide to grow year-round, you will need to install an additional lighting system with HPS or LED lights to maintain optimum light levels.. You can also choose to partially insulate your greenhouse to reduce heating costs.

Manage organic crops more easily  

Greenhouses give you the freedom to grow organic, above ground crops, in addition to protecting your crops from insects and outdoor pollution such as pesticide drift. When you have a greenhouse, you require little to no pesticides to protect your crops.

Reduce the need for pesticides  

Greenhouses greatly support integrated pest management systems and offer greater biological control by protecting your crops from pests. The result is significant savings on pesticides, less time needed to treat plants and super crop quality. 

Use high-tech systems  

Greenhouses can be automated at different levels to increase productivity, to improve crop quality and yield, to reduce labour costs and to maximize efficiency. An automated fertigation system, for example, manages the water supply and nutrients independently, accurately and consistently depending on the weather conditions, and manages the phonological period of every crop.

Growing in a greenhouse will increase your annual yield. However, you will need to master conditions like climate, irrigation and fertilization of your crops. Our Harnois Greenhouses experts will work hand in hand with the Agrisys agronomy consulting division to help you perfect your production methods and choose the greenhouse that best meets your needs.