Press release: CED invests 1.5 in Harnois Industries


    The Canadian Government’s Major Investment in Lanaudière’s Industrial Growth

    Exciting news is unfolding in the heart of Lanaudière as the Canadian government makes a substantial investment to energize the local manufacturing sector. I’m here to unpack the details of this development that promises to bolster the economy and introduce innovative advancements in the industry.

    A Financial Push for Harnois Industries & Mailhot Industries: In a move that underscores the government’s commitment to economic growth, two stalwarts of Lanaudière’s industrial landscape, Les Industries Harnois and Industries Mailhot, have been granted a financial boost totaling a whopping $4 million by Economic Development Canada for the regions of Quebec (DEC).

    A Stride Toward Advanced Manufacturing:

    Industries Harnois, a name synonymous with innovation on the global stage, has been transforming metal since 1965. The company excels in designing, manufacturing, and installing metallic structures for greenhouses and MegaDome® buildings across agricultural, industrial, and municipal domains. With a generous $1.5 million from DEC, Harnois is set to leap forward by relocating some of its manufacturing activities to a new facility, embracing digital production equipment, and launching its new Vermax glass greenhouse line.

    The government of Canada isn’t just writing checks but recognizing and supporting the pride of local communities. The economic vitality of Quebec heavily relies on a robust manufacturing sector deeply rooted in the regional economy.

    Annie Koutrakis, the Member of Parliament for Vimy, and the Honourable Soraya Martinez Ferrada, Member of Parliament for Hochelaga, have voiced their joy and confidence in these initiatives. They believe that bolstering SMEs like Harnois and Mailhot is key to sparking economic momentum and ensuring a resilient economic comeback for Quebec.

    The financial support comes from DEC’s Regional Economic Growth through Innovation program, which fuels entrepreneurship and regional economic stakeholders, aiming to create a conducive environment for innovation.

    For those hungry for more details, follow DEC’s social media channels and check out their latest news.

    It’s heartwarming to see the Canadian government’s dedication to the manufacturing sector. With these significant investments, we’re not just sustaining businesses; we’re gearing up for a future that’s stronger, greener, and equitable for all. Let’s stay tuned to witness how these projects unfold and drive the region towards a thriving industrial tomorrow.