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Our team of experts offers quality advice for all types of projects

Feasibility study

The feasibility analysis of prospective new greenhouse production projects is key to their success. Our expert team of consultants can provide professional guidance for all agronomic and structural elements of your project.
  • Market research to ensure the project’s profitability
  • Proposal of crops based on market prices
  • Site quality analysis
  • Research and recommendations and research for the location of the greenhouse
  • Average cost of energy required
  • Choice of greenhouse type
  • Selection of irrigation system

New crop production

Our consultants are available to help you manage your new greenhouse project.
  • Choice of inputs
  • Selection of varietals and seeds
  • Support for culture
  • Automated climate controlr

Monitoring greenhouse crops

We help you with all aspects of production in your low, mid or high-tech greenhouse. Our expertise ensures a higher crop yield.
  • Fertilization materials
  • Integrated and organic pest control
  • Working methods on the plant customized according to the type of crop
  • Integration and training on the climate control system

Organic greenhouse cultivation

Our Agrisys consultants are organic farming experts. Our personalized advice will allow you to achieve profitable organic production targets. Our team is there to support and train you in respecting and exceeding industry norms and standards
  • Development of fertilization and irrigation programs taking into account products authorized by certification authorities;
  • Implementation or optimization of an organic pest control program (using auxiliaries and biopesticipes);
  • Organic certification;
  • Successful transition from traditional to organic farming;
  • Appropriate data entry method for specifications to be verified by certification authorities;
  • Access to the Agrisys organic bin system, which offers greater production capacity.


We offer training courses to meet all needs

Our Agrisys consultants can deliver training courses at our offices or directly at your greenhouse. This allows your team to benefit from hands-on training in the workplace.

Courses available

  • Training at all levels on using workforce monitoring software;
  • Customized courses to meet the specific needs of your business.

Training overview

Grafting of greenhouse tomatoes
Discover the grafting techniques of greenhouse tomatoes. Practicing these methods will give you more productive plants and better tomato quality.

Above-ground organic farming 
Learn the different techniques that affect every aspect of producing this type of crop. The course focuses on fertilization, irrigation management, organic pest control and climate control.

Organic greenhouse control
This course covers the use of auxiliaries and biopesticides, as well as how to test and use reservoir plants.

Research and development

Research and development drives your greenhouse project

Many government grants are contingent upon the delivery of an in-depth R&D proposal. Research can also help you improve specific aspects of your greenhouse production. With Agrisys, you benefit from a consultant with extensive expertise in the greenhouse production field.
  • Development and drafting of R&D projects;
  • Data collecting;
  • Research report writing.