More commercial cannabis growers are choosing greenhouses: what are the options?


    For growers interested in entering or transitioning to cannabis production, one of the first decisions to make is where it will be grown. Options include outdoor, indoor facilities, and a mix of the two, greenhouses.

    Greenhouses are growing in popularity among cannabis growers. In fact, many cultivators are switching to greenhouses since they are usually a more efficient means of production. Greenhouses combine the control and protection offered by an indoor facility with the cost-saving, natural light of growing outdoors.

    Cannabis is a high-value crop and requires efficient, sophisticated systems that will result in both high quantity and quality yields. There are a lot of factors to take into account when planning a commercial cannabis operation; but a properly designed greenhouse with the right systems in place will ensure your desired results. The following are a few things to consider when choosing a greenhouse for your cannabis operation.

    Choosing your cannabis greenhouse structure

    Of course, one of the most important decisions to make during the planning process is the style of greenhouse for your commercial cannabis operation. Gutter-connected greenhouses are a popular, versatile option for almost any grower, including those in the cannabis industry. Providing excellent natural ventilation and the ability to connect several individual greenhouses, gutter-connected greenhouses are one of the most economical choices for growers. They are designed to maximize usable cultivation space and can easily integrate service buildings including mixing areas for fertilization, conditioning and packing areas, offices or employee rest areas.

    Ground-to-ground greenhouses are another popular option among cannabis growers, requiring less of an upfront investment than gutter-connected greenhouses of the same size. Ovaltech greenhouses by Harnois are designed with a Gothic shape to create a bright environment promoting the uniform growth of crops with superior air volume for a more stable climate at the plant level.

    Before choosing your structure, the number of grow zones and square footage will need to be established. The desired height also needs to be determined to accommodate whether you are planning to have your plants on the ground, on benches, double benches, and according to how tall you plan on growing your plants.

    Choosing your greenhouse covering

    Along with choosing the style of greenhouse for your cannabis operation, you’ll need to choose a covering material. There are a number of covering options available including ETFE film, acrylic, polyethylene film, polycarbonate panels and glass. Each option has their own unique characteristics, but in every case, they provide good conditions for optimal growth and access to a natural, free resource: the sun.

    Each option allows a certain percentage of light and UV rays. If you are interested in growing cannabis that is high in THC, exposing your plants to higher UV levels can increase your THC levels. Whatever your objective, you’ll need to work with professionals who have experience creating greenhouse growing environments for commercial cannabis so that your immediate and long-term goals are met.

    Equipment for improved environment 

    The style of greenhouse and covering you choose for your commercial cannabis operation is only half the picture. Choosing the equipment for your environmental factors is equally important but can be made much easier with the right equipment provided by a company with experience creating ideal conditions for quality yields. Supplemental lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation, irrigation, pest control and light deprivation all need to be factored when planning your greenhouse operation.

    Whether you’re new to the industry or are an experienced grower interested in transitioning to commercial cannabis, consulting seasoned professionals is crucial to ensuring you’re provided with excellent products and services for your operation. Harnois Greenhouses offers a full range of greenhouses and equipment backed by more than 50 years of providing solutions for all types of growers. To maximize your investment, contact the growing experts at Harnois.

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