Silicon bronze welding vs. conventional welding


    The welds on MegaDome® buildings are made of silicon bronze (ERCuSi-A). Many years of research and testing at our factory have shown us that this type of welding is fully compatible with the pre-galvanized steel coating and makes it much more resistant to corrosion compared to conventional welding.

    Conventional welding

    The molten steel used in conventional welding burns protective treatments and contaminates the weld. Galvanization mixes with the solder, which leads to a loss of quality and strength. The result is that the welding starts to rust over time and no longer has the strength to support the structure. It is possible to protect each solder with paint, but this type of protection is limited.

    Silicon bronze welding

    ERCuSi-A weld, better known as silicon bronze weld, is the best option when it comes to welding a pre-galvanized steel structure. This type of welding doesn’t affect the coating and retains all galvanization properties. As a result, the weld and the surrounding area are resistant to corrosion and rusting.

    We are the only Canadian company authorized to weld steel structures of buildings using silicon bronze. This type of welding requires advanced expertise and great attention to detail. Our in-house engineers design solid structures welded to silicon bronze. Our team of Harnois welders then works to ensure all norms and techniques are respected in order to guarantee the quality of the final welds.

    Proven solidity

    Our engineering team tests every model on full-size structures. These tests are designed to determine maximum capacity and to optimize the components as needed, all while respecting Canadian codes and standards.

    We have developed a unique expertise that allows us to weld pre-galvanized steel structures without affecting protective treatments. In Canada, durable silicon bronze welds are only available for MegaDome® buildings, ensuring your peace of mind for years to come.