How to properly clear snow from your MegaDome® building?

A MegaDome® structure is designed to let the snow glide down the roof to the ground when the sides are completely cleared.   Frequent  snow removals  from the sides allows you to clear the roof membrane much less often. Good preparation before winter also facilitates maintenance during the winter season.

However,  excessive snowfall may occur or other circumstances require you to clear snow from the roof membrane.

Why clear the building?

Snow removal of roofs avoids any risk of collapse.   Régie du bâtiment du Québec reminds the importance of a good winter maintenance in one of their.

How to manage properly snow accumulations?

A regular visual inspection allows you to manage snow accumulations on the building and around it. Accumulations can be:

  • uniform over the entire surface;
  • different from one side to the other;
  • different from one end to the other.

When to clear the roof membrane?

  • Roof membrane: accumulation greater than 18 in. (45 cm);
  • Sides: higher snow accumulation on one side than on the other or that exceeds 48 in. (1.2 m) the lower part of the membrane.

How to clear a MegaDome® building step by step?

(Video coming soon)

Necessary equipment

  • Telescopic shovel: (It must be in plastic and without sharp edges to avoid damage to the membrane);
  • Tractor equipped with a snow blower to properly clear the sides;
  • Boom lifts for taller buildings or larger accumulations;
  • Safety boots and harness.


Snowfalls can occur at any time during the snow clearing operation.

  1. Clear the snow off the sides with a tractor equipped with a snowblower (stand about 6 in. from the building). Remove all the snow on the ground;
  2. Clear the roof by starting by the center of the building to avoid creating an imbalance. Place the shovel flat on the membrane to avoid damaging it. Remove the snow at the bottom of the membrane.  Gradually go up.  The snow will slide on the ground;
  3. Go to the other side and repeat step 2;
  4. Go to one of the ends once all the central section is cleared. Repeat step 2 for both sides of this end;
  5. Go to the other end of the building. Repeat step 2 for both sides of this end;
  6. Repeat the procedure in the same way for the rest of the membrane always alternating both sides;
  7. Clear the sides of the building to remove the new accumulation of snow.

These instructions are also found in the owner’s manual.

How to clear the membrane without damaging it?

  • Do not push the membrane with a blunt object;
  • Use a plastic shovel (no blunt objects);
  • Always lay the shovel flat on the membrane;
  • Do not clear snow from inside;
  • Do not place a heat source near the membrane;
  • Do not scratch the membrane.

Layer of ice on the membrane

An ice layer may form on the membrane.  You must never scratch it to try to remove it.  The ice layer formed directly on the membrane does not compromise the security of the building.  It breaks and comes off with the force of the wind which causes the membrane to move slightly or melts with the heat of the sun.

How to clear snow safely

  • Do not proceed with the snow removal operation alone;
  • Wear safety equipment;
  • Do not stand directly under the load of the snow;
  • Do not use heat sources that generate toxic fumes.

We invite you to contact our customer service for all questions.  Our experts will be happy to help you to properly maintain your building in winter.