Expand your greenhouse complex easily with Harnois


    Harnois greenhouses can be extended after the initial installation without interfering with production, which is a huge advantage for producers. Find out how phasing the construction will help you stay on budget and ensure the continued growth of your business.

    Why expand your greenhouse complex?

    Agricola Don Memo SA de CV

    You can choose to expand your greenhouse complex for several reasons:

    • To start a new crop;
    • To produce a crop with a different system (e.g. hydroponic);
    • To shelter a new crop with specific needs (e.g. an organic crop).

    The key elements of a successful expansion

    Here are some important points you will need to consider before embarking on the expansion of your greenhouse:

    • Perform a market analysis;
    • Check the availability and cost of land (if you don’t already own it):
    • Make sure that the land sale price is competitive;
    • Think about the technologies you want to implement in the greenhouse based on the climate;
    • Check the availability of your workforce.

    With these points in mind, you can prepare your expansion plan to ensure profitability. You can then call on our team of experts to help you finalize your plan and begin construction.

    Choose the right expansion size

    The expansion area is dictated by the size of the lot and available labour. Harnois Greenhouses’ specialist team always proposes a structure that will cover as many square metres as possible. To do this, our engineers design a custom expansion that covers the entire lot using a match of different bay widths.

    Carrying out the construction

    Agricola Don Memo SA de CV

    We understand that halting production can have a major impact on your performance and revenue. That’s why we’ve developed a work process that allows you to continue all of your operations during the construction.

    The stages of construction

    Before starting construction, you need to prepare. You have to obtain a building permit and draw up a plan in collaboration with the Harnois team. Our experts will help you choose the right model for your crop, your climate and your needs.

    The new structure is built independently so as not to interfere with your daily crop production. You can take advantage of the construction time to train your team that will be working in the new section of the greenhouse complex.

    The best time to build

    In Mexico, the best time to build is in late May, mid June or the end of September (outside of the rainy season). For Canada and the north & east United States, the ideal period is between April and November. It is possible to build between December and March, but it requires more logistics in addition to being more complex and costly. For the south & west United States, construction can be carried out year-round.

    Talk with Harnois’ experts today to develop an expansion plan for your greenhouse complex. They will help you build custom greenhouse blocks to ensure the continued growth of your business.