Choose a MegaDome building to protect your replacement animals

A MegaDome building is designed to protect your dairy cows, sheep, goats, oxen and replacement animals. Its innovative design makes it the perfect building for the agricultural sector.

The ideal building for dairy farmers

Dairy producers must have a replacement strategy to ensure the profitability of their farms. “Analysis of the cost of producing milk in Canada indicates that 12% of the expenses incurred in dairy production are used to ensure the replacement of cows in the herd.”1 Producers must, therefore, provide a suitable space to protect their replacement animals.

Requirements for replacement animals

Producers must respect certain requirements to meet the needs of their replacement animals. They have to, among other things, provide sufficient quality water, an accessible feeder with quality grains and fodder, as well as shelter. A MegaDome building is the perfect shelter for animals, providing your herd with a safe and economical space that is protected from the elements.

The features of a MegaDome building

Bright and protected from the elements


All MegaDome buildings are covered with a PowerShield membrane. This superior-quality membrane protects your herds from the elements while providing a bright environment for them to shelter in. The option of a PowerShield membrane designed specifically for the agricultural sector is also available. This option ensures superior comfort for the animals as it lets in 30% more light. The PowerShield membrane also allows for solar sterilization to help maintain the health of your animals.  

A safe and economic construction

The lower cost per square foot of a MegaDome building is extremely advantageous. Property taxes are lower than those associated with conventional buildings, and you can also ensure the building at a lower cost. The dome requires minimal maintenance, which is a major advantage for producers. The building can be built on various types of soil, and all of our buildings meet the Building Code requirements in your area.

Litter protection

Accumulated litter is ideal for dairy cows and other replacement animals. It doesn’t require any special technical knowledge and is easy to maintain. A MegaDome building is used to cover the litter and keep it dry. You can also opt for compostable litter, which provides greater comfort for the cows and offers additional heat in winter (when the compost is well activated). However, this requires more advanced technical knowledge as well as handling. For example, the litter has to be shuffled on a daily basis to maintain an aerobic environment that facilitates composting.

1 Valacta, by RENÉ ROY, agronomist, agroeconomist, R&D,