SusGlobal Energy

SusGlobal Energy (formely Astoria Organic Matters Canada LP) wanted to set up an odor-free composting complex in a closed environment. The company needed a linen building to control odors at all stages of composting. Finally, many imposing machines (up to 18 ft. High and 30 ft. Wide) needed to be able to circulate with ease inside the dome.


Belleville, Ontario

Business sector

Environment, composting complex

Dome model
MegaDome® DB Series, XXP and HP Profiles

Technical specifications

Dimensions of the domes (4) : 

  • 80′ wide x 404′ long (XXP)
  • 80′ wide x 404′ long (XXP)
  • 80′ wide x 132′ long (HP)
  • 80′ wide x 209′ long (HP)

Arches spacing : 12′ for XXP et 11′ for HP

Foundations : Grade beam for XXP and on concrete blocks for HP

Composting complex: required the installation of four domes suitable for different uses.

  • The first building had to cover the organic matter in the initial phase and maintain the right level of humidity inside the building.
  • The air would then be sent to the second dome, where the biofiltration system would be installed.
  • The other two structures would be used for the final phase of composting.

Ventilation : High performance ventilation for odor control

Automated dome:  The controller’s web interface allows you to monitor airflow and humidity levels, as well as observe and record weather data, engine vibration, and more.

Structure : hot-dipped galvanized structure resistant to corrosion and moisture