SAS Sud Reboisement

SAS Sud Reboisement’s mission is to develop and sustain its activities in the wood industry, including the protection, environmental reappropriation and enhancement of the southern Great Caledonia biodiversity.


New Galedonia

Business sector

Shrub cultivation for reforestation

Greenhouse model
OvaltechTM IV

Technical specifications

  • 6 x 42’ wide x 176’ long greenhouses
  • 1 cutting greenhouse located within another greenhouse to start production. This greenhouse creates an environment of extreme humidity to promote germination.
  • Cover : polyethylene 
  • Equipments:
    • Tables
    • Irrigation : “Aquaboom” watering robot and hanging watering
    • Foundation : Screw-pile type anchors installed under the freeze line to provide stability and increased wind resistance (usually installed for tunnel greenhouses)
    • Shaded canvases have also been installed (side winding ventilation) to protect the production from the sun very strong in this region.

    • Ventilation : Side winding ventilation (hand crank) and motorized ridge ventilation (single panel)

  • These greenhouses were installed in late 2014 / early 2015 and have survived the ravages of 2 tropical storms to date.