Bombardier Transportation

Bombardier Transportation needed a 1-km test tunnel to test its new Azur railcars. The mandate required to reconstruct a subway line identical in all respects to that of the Montreal metro.


LaPocatiere, Quebec

Business sector


Dome Model
MegaDomeĀ® DB Series, Profile XP

Technical specifications of the project

Dome dimensions : 60′ wide x 315′ de long

Arch spacing :Ā 7′

Foundation : concrete grade beam

Ventilation :

  • 60′ section insulated with side flaps and the entire dome has several airlock to counter the thrust of the train running.
  • A firewall was installed inside the tunnel to control the wind pressure inside the dome when moving subway cars.

Insulation :

  • The construction was to be divided into two sections. The first was to serve as a workspace for technicians and was isolated to maintain an ambient temperature of 20oC. while the second was tempered at 5oC.