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Oasis Greenhouses

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  • Oasis greenhouses: the ultimate in greenhouse ventilation for warm and dry climates!

    Oasis greenhouses offer the benefits of a strong and solid structure combined with an impressive capacity for natural ventilation.

    Designed to maximize passive natural ventilation, Oasis greenhouses consume little energy without compromising air circulation performance and efficiency.

    Optimal ventilation helps reduce risks associated with increased humidity during the rainy season, common to the tropics.


    • Foundation components for concrete foundation, specially designed to withstand winds of over 90 km / h (60 mph). This feature has been widely tested in hurricane and tornado areas where Harnois' Oasis greenhouses have sustained stormy weather unscathed.
    • The optional retractable sunshade, mounted above the roof cover reduces the heat before it enters the greenhouse, helping to regulate the temperature near the crops.
    • In the Oasis greenhouse, insect barriers can be installed on all openings


    • Commercial, ornamental or vegetable cultures in temperate or tropical climates
    • Horticultural production in areas with strong sunlight
    • Growers that prefer exterior shading systems in order to avoid restricting air flow (versus a suspended shade screen inside the greenhouse)
    • Ideal for operations using cooling pads

    Dimensions of the structure:

    Width of a greenhouse: 9.14 m or 11 m (31.5'or 36')
    Spacing between columns: 3.6 m (12')
    Spacing between the arches: 3.6 m (12')
    Height under gutter: 4.27 m (14')
    Insect barrier for each opening


    • Fixed or retractable shade house
    • Spraying system built into the exterior shade house to enhance the cooling effect